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Beside the Seaside....

Being by the sea, or indeed a lake or river, is good for our mental health. Being by the sea can help create a sense of relaxation and calm. Whilst studies bear this out, who knows exactly why - maybe the reflected light on the water, the sound of the water, or maybe nostalgic links to childhood. Whatever the reason, we are lucky enough to live on a coast line - free therapy just a walk, drive or bus trip away. Just try it.

Current Thinking on Alcohol Consumption

14 units of alcohol per week is still the recommended maximum intake per month. However, current thinking is, that this can be difficult to keep track of, so why not introduce alcohol free days in the week. This is said to negate against dependency creeping in, and, so long as no one saves up all 14 units for the weekend (sorry), it should help ensure recommended limits are adhered to with more ease.
Try it, give it a go.
(Source: BBC)

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