Feature - Carers #01

Feature - Carers

Caring for the Carer....

1 in 8 adults (6m) are carers - 58% are women and 42% are men. The peak age for carers is 50-59 years of age. (source Carers UK).

Carers - Who are you really? You are husbands, wives, parents, sons, daughters, partners. You love the people you are with. You may not consider yourself a carer.

But if someone depends upon you, you are caring for them. Caring for them, providing for them, shopping for them ,attorney for them, transport for them and so much more.

You may not wish it any other way, and maybe sometimes you do.

Many carers are also in paid work. Add all this up and the fact that many carers have ageing parents, their own off spring, and potentially grandchildren too - it becomes very clear that some people have alot on their plate.

Caring requires great organisation and continual patience. Caring can be tiring, thankless, and bring on feelings of guilt, sadness, or confusion. Who,then, looks after the carer?

And as a carer it is ok to be looked after yourself - afterall a stronger you, is a good move for yourself and the person who depends upon you.

  • Counselling can help, providing some time and a relationship away from the situation. It can provide space to explore feelings, be angry, be sad, all in a non judegemental supportive environment.

  • If in paid work carers now have the right to request flexible working from their employer.

  • Financial help is available by way of the Carers Allowance.

  • Social Services can also assist with Respite Care.

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